Another Top 5 favourite song...

Posing our questions to Owl and Eeyore, as our days disappeared all too soon.
But I've wandered further today than I should, And I can't seem to find my way back to the wood.
So help me if you can, I've got to get back to the house at Pooh corner by one.

Winnie the Pooh seems to have had a huge impact in my SL.  Which in itself sounds very very strange but bear with me.

I have a man in my SL who is just like Eeyore.  He sometimes has a little cloud above his head... but I would never change a thing.  I think this is how Pooh and all his friends feel about Eeyore.  I just need him to know... that I would never change a thing about him and I am always going to be there for him.  Sometimes we both wander further than we should and always help each other back to each other.  So meet you there at one?  <3ยบ

Favourite song with a colour in the title...
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Thanks Aeran Stipe for helping me with my picture!  <3

2. Your favourite song of all time...

So I've decided to get myself to actually BLOG!
So... 365 day music challenge here I come!  I'm going to change it about a bit... and take a line from the song and make a picture in SL using that as inspiration.

1. Your favourite song today.

Most of my listening is in the car to and from work.  Today I found myself humming, I do that lots, to this song.

My head's under water
But I'm breathing fine

A stranger returns.

Think he's going to fly away with me... 

Some other man turned up and made a very special lady happy! 

Thought I'd have a bit of a jump across a bridge as a hamster... normal Sunday activity. 

I still feel like me but a bit of a nicer back drop.  

This pose makes me very very happy and it means we are right together.  

A new bar made by an awesome man who would probably hate me saying that... BUT IT'S TRUE.  

She's last because she's the foundation to my SL and she keeps everything from falling down.  <3  

I'm sorry to say, Barefoot Wanders is closed until further notice.

I loved creating it and watching the creativity happen.  The flickr group and the SL group will stay open.  It might be back in the future.

Saying goodbye... is a tricky thing to do in Second Life.  Maybe it's just a tricky thing for me.

I live in a different country to where I was born and people come and go quite often.  Each summer I say goodbye to people as they either return to a place they call home, or to go on another adventure.
Now, in SL I think it's kind of similar.  It's a transient place where people move along and change depending on external elements.  I find it really hard to say goodbye so living where I do is probably not the best idea.  Enough of that place called RL!

People who know me, probably know exactly who this blog post is about.  I don't really know why I am writing it, but I am.  I am saying goodbye because I know I need to.  I know I need to just walk away and let them go and have exactly what they deserve.  They deserve the world and I hope they get it.  I don't want to be the person who hangs around like a bad smell and that awkward person who is there... but shouldn't really be there.  The person who makes people do the 'awwww' she's not over it.

It's got to the stage now, where a friendship needs to be replaced by something else.  The something I could never give even if I wanted to more than anything.  The thing that is the unsaid but always felt would be missing.  It hurts and I'm sure it won't hurt soon.